Yealink YHS32 Dubai Headset


Yealink YHS32 Dubai Handset

The Yealink YHS32 Dubai Handset is an ultra noise cancelling monaural earpiece with an RJ9 QD connection for Yealink IP Phones.The Yealink YHS32 Dubai is the over-the-head style headset which is made for the SOHO, office worker, or call center staff. It is compliant with the full sort of Yealink enterprise IP Phones.


Yealink YHS32 Headset Dubai

The Yealink YHS32 Headset Dubai is our over-the-head style headset made for office workers, SoHo and call-center staff. It is compliant with the full sort of Yealink enterprise IP phones and features with a smart design with big ear-pads, pliable steel headband, a padded T-bar and 330 flexible microphone boom. It is also ultra-light weight at only 50g. This confirms remarkable user ease, even when worn all day. Its ultra-noise cancelling technology expands excellent voice quality still further. In addition, the rapid disconnection jack allows users to leave rapidly for short breaks, or to switch over easily to other sound equipment. The Yealink YHS32 Dubai Headset is unique in the market because of its mixture of a comfortable user experience, superior voice quality, durable lifecycle and cheap price.

It features professional boom microphone and is ultra-lightweight at only 0.01oz. The light weight confirms the user remarkable ease even wearing the Yealink YHS32 Headset all day long. The Yealink YHS32 holds a unique position in the market with the mixture of relaxed experience, durable lifecycle, superior voice quality, and competitive price.

Yealink YHS32 Dubai Headset Features:

  • Ultra noise cancelling microphone
  • Quick disconnection cord
  • Ultra-light weight only 50g
  • comfortable wearing for all day use
  • 330°rotatable microphone boom
  • Pliable steel headband, large size ear pad
  • Superb sound quality
  • 1 x RJ9 headset jack
  • Quick disconnect, 1 meter cord line
  • Strong design, with 330° rotatable boom rolling of about 30,000 times and more
  • Pliable steel headband, large size ear pad and padded T-bar
  • ActiveProtectionTM safeguards the user from high levels of acoustic burst
  • Transmit Sensitivity: -38.0 dB re. 1 V/Pa
  • Receiver Sensitivity: 95dB SPL +/-3 dB SPL
  • Receiver Impedance: 150 ohm
  • Voltage range: 1.0-10 V
  • Net weight: 50g