Panasonic KX-HTS32PBX System


Panasonic KX-HTS32 PBX System

The Panasonic KX- HTS32 PBX System specially designed for SME Sector. It is a hybrid IP telephone system supports both IP Extensions and Analog Extensions. The Basic System Coming with a capacity of up to 24 extensions and 4 Trunk Lines. Panasonic KXHTS32 included all the necessary standard functions like voice mail, IVR, Mobile Extension, SIP Extension Licenses and SIP trunk.


PanasonicHTS32Functions carefully

PanasonicKX-HTS32is actually a total fledged PBX System along with incorporated hub as well as Wi-Fi hotspot. Along with an incredibly budget-friendly cost as well as having all the needed conventional functions, KX-HTS32is actually a perfect selection as a workplace telephoneSystem This is actually Designed to give superior communication for little as well as medium-sized business. The Device assistance Standard SIP Internet Protocol Phones off Grandstream, Cisco, Yealink, RTX, Snom, as well as Dlink.

The HTS32PBX Telephone System could conveniently keep through effortless installation as well as servicing. Additionally, THIS Support the brand-new organisation styles including BYOD. This indicates a more and more basic fad where business make it possible for staff members to deliver their private transportable tools to do job activities as well as attach to the system as well as business information. Along with integrated Wifi as well as Mobile Extension Support, that could accomplish conveniently along with Panasonic KX-HTS32

The HTS32PBX System Panasonic HDV Series Phones, Analog Phones, SIP Phones as Panasonic KX-NTV Series Video Door Phones. You Can conveniently incorporate ISDN/ PRI lines along with KX-NS5282X as well as KX-NS5284X.The Panasonic HTS32Advanced Hybrid PBX system prepares to attach to SIP Internet Protocol Phones. You do not call for distinct permit to attach the SIP Phones. The Carbon Monoxide Line [ 4 Trunk ] as well as SLT Extensions are actually factory-equipped for Caller I.D..

Panasonic KX-HTS32The Panasonic KX-HTS32Internet Protocol PBX possesses a preliminary manufacturing facility arrangement from 4 Carbon Monoxide analog boots as well as 8 analog expansions along with customer I.D.. this ability could be raised approximately an optimum from 8 Carbon Monoxide boots as well as 24 expansions by utilizing From optionally available memory cards, on top of that, the HTS32system possesses WiFi hub as well as gain access to aspect integrated in, this enables to make use of the HTS32as a gain access to aspect for PCs or even Smartphone smart devices.The HTS32Telephone System possesses 24 operational SIP expansions sustain integrated without the necessity for extra licenses.

KX-HTS32Telephone System Specification

Type Pre-Installed Maximum Capacity
Maximum Trunk Lines 8[6 If G729A Codec]


8[6 If G729A Codec]


SIP Trunk – 6[ G.711 Codec]

4[ G729A Codec]

Analog Trunk – 4

SIP Trunk – 6[ G.711 Codec]

4[ G729A Codec]

Analog Trunk – 8

Extensions Sip Extension-24

Analog Extensions- 8

Sip Extension-24

Analog Extensions- 24

IDISA 4 ch 4 ch
Built in VM 4 ch 4 ch
Analog Door Phone 0 2
Analog Door Opener 0 2
Internet Protocol Door Phone Can make use of as an Internet Protocol Extension Max System Extension Capacity



  • Voice Mail
  • Upward to 32 expansions
  • 24SIP Licence Inbuilt
  • Music on Hold
  • IP/Legacy Flexible Hybrid System.
  • Call Detail Records [CDR] – 40000 Calls
  • Built-in Basic Call Handling Function
  • Extension Group
  • Integrated Router as well as Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Remote Internet Protocol Extension
  • IVR [ Max 60 Second, 10 Messages]
  • Video Communication
  • Simple Monitoring System
  • Voice Mail Notification
  • Paging
  • Easy Installation
  • Simple Maintenance