Panasonic HDV330Dubai


 Panasonic HDV330 IP Phone

The new Panasonic HDV330 IP Phone with 12 line support and inbuilt blue tooth functionality.HDV330 deliver the high-quality audio along with color touch panel user convenience.These GIGA Byte phones support optional functions keys module up to 224 keys.Along with Giga Network connectivity HDV330 offer wireless connectivity.


PanasonicHDV330In Detail

The Panasonic HDV330Internet Protocol Phone sustain around 12 SIP Lines along with a big 4.3 Inch bit screen.It occurs with 24 programmable functionality secrets for individual advantage. HDV330Supports around 5 HDV20Expansion component as well as make it possible for a total amount from 224 operational secrets.Panasonicfound HDV330as a luxury for hectic execs as well as receptionist.It carries the harmony in between first class as well as smooth concept in your workplace area.

These remarkable Internet Protocol Phones featuring integrated Bluetooth functionality.You can easily utilize a cordless Bluetooth headset for hassle-free action to inbound phone calls. HDV330furnished along with 2 GIGA Network POE slots enables hassle-free phone relationship at greater velocities.


12SIP product lines.

2 x Gigabit Ethernet & & PoE.

4.3 in LCD Screen along with contact board.

HD Voice.

2500phone book access.

Total twin Speakerphone.

Integrated Bluetooth.

24pliable functionality secrets.

3-way Conference.

XML Application Interface.

Suitable for Broadsoft UC.